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Full Payment is expected at the end of each consultation, payment is accepted via EFTPOS or debit credit card. 

*Avoid the $25.00 late payment fee by paying on time.

Please note fees listed are standard practice fees, please contact reception for individual doctors schedule of fees.

If you have a valid Medicare card, you will have access to the medicare rebate processed at the time of your appointment. 

*If you are experiencing financial difficulty, we encourage you to speak with your practitioner to discuss billing options.

Important notes

  • Full fees are required on Saturdays no direct billing available.
  • Third Party and WorkCover consultations, full payment is to be made on the day. 
  • Health Care Card holders must carry a valid card with them at all appointments. 

Choosing the right type of consultation

Consultation types can vary in length depending on the nature and complexity of the issue being discussed, your appointment fee will depend on the type of appointment and the duration. 

Standard Consult  – Recommended for discussion of two issues, or one major complex issue. The most common consultation type allowing for a more in-depth discussion, diagnosis, and formulation of a plan.

Long Consult – Recommended for discussion of Two or Three issues which requires more time.

Prolonged Consult – Recommended for complex cases, detailed discussions, or multiple issues that require comprehensive evaluation and planning  


We ask that you please notify us if you are needing to cancel or reschedule a booked appointment so we can accommodate someone else who needs medical attention.

If we are not notified within at least 3 hours prior to your appointment time, or the day before if your appointment is before 11am the following day,  an account will be issued to patients for non-attendance. Appointments can not be cancelled via Hotdoc within 3 hours of your appointment time. 

This account must be paid in full before you can book another appointment with any doctor. 

Late Payment Fees

A late payment fee of $25.00 relates to any consultation costs not paid within 24 hours of the service. This fee is not rebatable on the MBS. Any late payment for a consultation will incur a fee of $25.00 if the invoice remains unpaid the days after the service. Please pay on time, at the time of your consultation and avoid a $25.00 late payment fee.

Please note there may be additional costs for other GP service items or clinic services such as wound care, consumable items, and specific administration requests.

For more information, please speak to our reception team. 

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