Practice Policies

Our commitment at Reynella Medical Centre is to provide comprehensive care to all patients. All our doctors and nurses are experienced and equipped to manage the wide range of patient needs.



Pensioners, Healthcare Card holders and children younger than 16 are bulk billed. Please see our schedule located in the FAQ tab. Please ensure you bring your Medicare and concession card to each visit.

Weekend Consultations will not be bulk billed.

Additional fees apply for procedures and wound care.


Drugs of Dependance

Reynella Medical Centre is committed to providing the most appropriate and medically sound advice and at all times. This means, that on occasion, if you are not known to a particular doctor, and have a request for certain medications, your request may be denied. This includes medications that fall into the category of drugs of dependence. i.e.

  • Benzodiazepines (and other sleeping tablets)
  • Morphine-based medications
  • Oxycodone, Oxycontin, Tramadol and Panadeine Forte
  • Any other strong pain medication or sedative

Please know that this practice policy is for the safety of our patients and to ensure that appropriate care is given. It is against the law for our doctors to prescribe some of these medications without appropriate authority to any patient. If you have further questions regarding your medication scripts, please contact DASSA 1300 13 1340.


Repeat Prescriptions

The supply of medication without a consultation is potentially hazardous. In the interest of patient health & safety prescriptions will only be issued after a medical consultation.



Referrals to a medical specialist require consultation by the referring doctor. This is governed by the Medicare Act.


Sick Certificates

Certificates for sickness or carers leave requires a medical consultation. This is a requirement of the medical board and certificates cannot be backdated.


Infection Control

We sterilise our non-disposable instruments in accordance with the Australian College of General Practice Guidelines.


Length of Consultation

You may notice that sometimes we run a little late.

Usually this is due to a patient extending their consultation over the scheduled time. Keep in mind that a normal consult is around 10-12 minutes with a few minutes for the doctor to enter notes. If you feel that this is not enough time for you, please ask for a double consultation when booking your appointment. Please be aware that medical emergencies may extend a patient’s appointment.

Patient’s are welcome to ring the clinic to check whether their doctor is running on schedule.  We can give an estimate by advising how many patients are waiting to be seen.


Non Attendance of an Appointment

Please notify us if you are unable to attend an appointment so that we can make that time slot available for another patient. While we understand that emergencies and unforeseen circumstances arise from time to time, a fee will be charged for appointments not attended.



This practice is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of your personal health information at all times and to ensure that this information is only available to authorised members of staff. Your medical record is a confidential document. Please also be aware that we are unable to give information about other patients or confirm whether they are in attendance or have made an appointment.


Phone Calls to Doctors

Given the high demand for appointments, it’s often not possible to speak directly to your doctor via telephone. The best way to make contact with your doctor is to make an appointment for a consultation.


Test Results

To obtain results patients must make an appointment as advised by their treating doctor. If your results are urgent, your doctor will call you directly.


Patient Records

Medical records are kept for 7 years from your final attendance as required by law. Please advise our reception staff should you require your records to be forwarded to another health care provider. Your medical record is a CONFIDENTIAL document. It is practice policy to maintain the security of personal health information at all times. Access to information is only granted to authorised persons.


Mobile Phones

We request that mobile phones be switched off or placed on silent while in the waiting room. If you choose to answer your phone while speaking with the doctor, they may choose to immediately end your consultation.


New Patients

Please complete the New Patient Registration Form prior to your arrival.  Download it here: New Patient Registration Form


After Hours Services

Fr medical care outside of clinic hours please contact:

Morphett Vale After Hours Care 8326 6999

National Home Doctor 13 74 25

Family Home Doctor 1300 695 628



Patients are welcome to provide us with feedback about their experience at Reynella Medical Centre. This can be done by contacting the practice by phone or emailing

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