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Podiatry at Reynella Medical Centre

How are YOUR Feet ?????

From the moment they hit the floor first thing in the morning , until we finally get off them at the end of the day , do we really give our feet a second thought ?


Did you Know??

In an average lifetime your feet will carry you approximately 150,000 km,

that’s approximately the equivalent to walking around the world FOUR times

You sweat approximately ONE Cup of perspiration through your feet every day

We cover about 5-8 km per day on our feet

There are 26 bones in the foot

Every toe has at least four arteries, four veins and four nerves

It takes a toenail about a year to completely grow

So if you think your feet are tired at the end of the day you have some very good reasons to feeling so.


Pete Bertram- Podiatrist at Reynella Medical Centre

Peter Bertram Podiatrist Reynella Medical CentreOur podiatrist Pete Bertram has 30 years of clinical practise here in Adelaide and interstate. In that time he has experienced across a wide scope of podiatric practise.

He spreads his time across a wide and varied number clinical areas including right here at The Reynella Medical Centre as well as from his main site at a The Glandore Podiatry Clinic at 51 Raglan Ave Edwardstown. In addition Pete provides podiatry services to Adelaide’s leading private hospitals. Pete has been providing podiatry services here on site at Reynella Medical Centre every Friday for five years.

Pete’s areas of special interest include:

  • Diabetes foot health care and management
  • Biomechanical assessment and foot orthoses prescription
  • Corns callosities
  • General foot health care advice
  • Podogeriatrics – Aged Care foot health care
  • Podopaediatrics – child foot development and health care advice
  • Sports related foot assessment and care .

So if you are experiencing

Tired Feet?

Aching arches ?

Shin Splints?


Or just want to get those feet checked

You can consult our own podiatrist right here at the Reynella Medical Clinic. So speak to your doctor or one of our friendly staff for more information and appointment times , you may even be able to access Medicare funding depending on your current health status.

Pete Bertram

Accredited Podiatrist

Dip. App. Sc. (Pod)

Grad. Cert. Health Sc.


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